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Revolutionizing Business Intelligence with Advanced Data Solutions

In an era where data reigns supreme, harnessing its power effectively is key to business success. Codeweaver excels in merging BI expertise with technical prowess to create products that enhance BI/data solutions within your organization.

Why Codeweaver?

Our approach involves encapsulating BI/data analytics knowledge within applications that are user-friendly and well-designed in terms of user experience. This strategy makes our sophisticated BI know-how accessible and manageable, even for a wider audience with varying levels of technical expertise.

Discover how our solutions can simplify and empower your decision-making processes, making valuable insights more accessible and actionable.

Our team of experts specializes in turning complex data into actionable insights. We understand the nuances of data science and business intelligence, ensuring solutions that are not only innovative but also practical and applicable.

Key Benefits:

    • Insightful Decision-Making: Harness the power of data to make informed decisions. Our expertise in data science transforms complex datasets into clear, actionable insights.
    • Enhanced Business Intelligence: Elevate your business intelligence with our advanced data processing, ensuring you stay ahead in your industry.
    • Practical Innovation: Experience the perfect blend of innovative techniques and practical applications, ensuring solutions that not only sound impressive but deliver real-world results.

Every business has unique data challenges. At Codeweaver, we don’t just offer solutions; we create data strategies tailor-made to your specific business needs, whether it’s through advanced analytics, data visualization, or data warehousing.

Key Benefits:

    • Bespoke Data Strategies: Benefit from solutions designed specifically for your business challenges, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique data needs.
    • Versatile Data Solutions: Whether you need advanced analytics, intuitive data visualization, or robust data warehousing, our custom solutions cater to every aspect of your data requirements.
    • Streamlined Data Management: Improve efficiency and productivity with data solutions that streamline your processes and enhance your business operations.

Our history of successful collaborations with industry leaders reflects our ability to handle data challenges of any scale and complexity.

Key Benefits:

    • Proven Track Record: Gain confidence with our established history of successful projects with industry leaders, demonstrating our capability to manage complex data challenges.
    • Scalable Data Solutions: Rest assured that our solutions are built to handle data needs at any scale, growing alongside your business.
    • Industry-Leading Expertise: Leverage our deep industry knowledge and experience to gain a competitive edge in managing and utilizing your data effectively.

Transform Your Data into Insights


Comprehensive Data Solutions

From data collection to visualization, we offer a full spectrum of BI and Data services. Our offerings include data warehousing, big data analytics, data flows, and advanced reporting tools.

Actionable Business Insights

We go beyond data processing. Our solutions provide clear, actionable insights that can drive your business growth, optimize processes, and enhance customer understanding.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging the latest in BI and Data Science technology, our solutions are designed for maximum efficiency and scalability, keeping you ahead in a data-driven world.

Success Stories in BI and Data

Optimizing Retail Operations

Explore how we helped a retail giant integrate and analyze data from multiple sources, resulting in improved inventory management and customer targeting.

transforming data healthcare

Transforming Healthcare Data Management

Learn about our project with a healthcare provider where we implemented a data warehouse solution that streamlined patient data analysis and improved treatment outcomes.


Unlock Your Data Potential

Ready to transform your business with data-driven decision-making? Contact us to learn how our BI and Data solutions can tailor-fit your needs. Schedule a demo or speak with our experts today.

Our Mission

Codeweaver’s Dedication to Data Excellence


Industry Accolades

Our awards and recognitions in the data and BI space highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Secure and Compliant

Adhering to the highest data security and privacy standards, including GDPR compliance, we ensure the safety and integrity of your data.

What our Clients say

Hear from our satisfied clients and understand why they choose Codeweaver for their technology needs.

Marcin Gałusza

Bl & Technology Director

We worked with Codeweaver on a global cloud-based application that has been successfully rolled out to over 50 markets. Despite extremely short deadlines, they managed to deliver reliable software with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which makes us proud to demonstrate in front of internal and external stakeholders.

Piotr Lendo

System Architect

Codeweaver orchestrated and executed the development process of our custom VOD content platform. On top of impressive technical knowledge and skills, Codeweaver displayed an exceptional interest in deep understanding of the business domain and specifics. Highly-motivated and engaged throughout the course of the project, they delivered the software that simply works.

Adam Dawidziuk

Engineering Director

Over the course of two complex, custom projects, Codeweaver established a position of a reliable and highly performing partner. Driven by technology enthusiasm, market experience and client focus, Codeweaver became our first pick for integration heavy-lifting.

Karol Dziasek


With Codeweaver’s support, the company has managed to launch their project as expected. The team continues to work on a daily basis with the in-house staff. They document their work clearly across various project management tools and are knowledgeable enough to recommend solutions to the client.


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    ” With Codeweaver’s support, the company has managed to launch their project as expected. The team continues to work on a daily basis with the in-house staff. They document their work clearly across various project management tools and are knowledgeable enough to recommend solutions to the client. “

    Karol Dziasek

    CEO @ Self Learning Solutions SLS