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Scale New Heights with Codeweaver’s App Modernization Services

In the journey of digital transformation, evolving your application from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a scalable enterprise solution is crucial. Codeweaver specializes in app modernization, taking your application from its initial success to a robust platform ready for expansive growth. We focus on scalability, preparing your app for the transition from 1-to-100 and beyond.


Make your systems efficient & scalable with our app modernization expertise

Looking for ways to enhance your business performance? With our app modernization services, you can experience faster deployments, increased efficiency, and significant cost savings, all without compromising your operational capabilities. Wonder how effective it can be? Just look at one of our clients – we helped them slash their monthly cloud expenses by a whopping 93%


Our App Modernization Approach

A client faced challenges scaling their MVP due to limited functionalities and performance issues. Our team at Codeweaver reinvented their MVP into a fully-fledged, scalable application. By incorporating a React-based SPA with REST API and CQRS patterns, we transformed it into a powerful, scalable solution, ready to accommodate growing user numbers and demands.

For an app struggling under increased load, we applied advanced optimization strategies. This not only boosted its performance but also ensured its reliability and user-friendliness during growth spurts. The result was a seamlessly functioning app even under high traffic, much like the benefits of cloud migration and optimization.

  • Enhanced app responsiveness and speed.

Sustainable performance under high user load.

  • Improved user experience and retention.
  • Enterprise-Level Engineering: A project required transitioning an app to an enterprise level. Our solution included implementing enterprise-grade features and capabilities, aligning the app with broader business goals. This strategic overhaul prepared the app to meet the challenges of enterprise-scale operations, much like integrating a tech stack to unlock new business potential.

  • Alignment with complex business objectives.
  • Capacity to handle high-level operational challenges.
  • Introduction of advanced functionalities for enterprise needs.
  • Technology Upgrade and Integration: Upgrading an outdated app, we integrated the latest technology stacks, including AI, ML, and cloud services. This modernization mirrored the benefits of tech stack migration and consolidation, like accessing powerful third-party software and new talents from trending languages and frameworks.

  • Access to cutting-edge technologies and tools.
  • Enhanced app capabilities and potential for innovation.
  • Opening doors to new markets and business opportunities.
  • Security and Compliance: For an app requiring rigorous security and compliance standards, we implemented measures to meet the highest industry regulations. This approach ensured the app’s security architecture was robust and compliant, vital for scaling in sensitive industries.

  • Assurance of data protection and privacy.
  • Compliance with industry-specific regulations.
  • Enhanced trust and reliability among users and stakeholders.

Why Choose Codeweaver for App Modernization:

At Codeweaver, we specialize in transforming your app into a scalable, future-proof platform that aligns with evolving market trends and business goals. Our approach to app modernization is not just about technological upgrades; it’s a strategic reinvention to ensure your app’s longevity and relevance. We provide comprehensive support, guiding you smoothly through each step of the modernization process. Partner with us for a transformative journey that unlocks your app’s full potential.


Expertise in Scalability

Our deep understanding of scalability challenges enables us to prepare your app for significant growth and success.

Customized Modernization Strategy

We tailor our app modernization approach to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless transition from MVP to enterprise-grade software.

Focus on Future-Proofing

Codeweaver ensures your app is not just ready for today’s challenges but is also prepared for future advancements and market shifts.

Comprehensive Support

From strategy formulation to implementation and ongoing maintenance, we provide end-to-end support throughout your app’s modernization journey.

Case Study

Learn how Codeweaver successfully modernized the Self Learning Solutions (SLS) app, transforming it from a nascent MVP into a scalable, enterprise-ready solution.

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    Adam Dawidziuk

    “Over the course of two complex, custom projects, Codeweaver established a position of a reliable and highly performing partner. Driven by technology enthusiasm, market experience and client focus, Codeweaver became our first pick for integration heavy-lifting.”

    Adam Dawidziuk

    Engineering Director

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    Marcin Gałusza

    Bl & Technology Director

    We worked with Codeweaver on a global cloud-based application that has been successfully rolled out to over 50 markets. Despite extremely short deadlines, they managed to deliver reliable software with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which makes us proud to demonstrate in front of internal and external stakeholders.

    Piotr Lendo

    System Architect

    Codeweaver orchestrated and executed the development process of our custom VOD content platform. On top of impressive technical knowledge and skills, Codeweaver displayed an exceptional interest in deep understanding of the business domain and specifics. Highly-motivated and engaged throughout the course of the project, they delivered the software that simply works.

    Adam Dawidziuk

    Engineering Director

    Over the course of two complex, custom projects, Codeweaver established a position of a reliable and highly performing partner. Driven by technology enthusiasm, market experience and client focus, Codeweaver became our first pick for integration heavy-lifting.

    Karol Dziasek


    With Codeweaver’s support, the company has managed to launch their project as expected. The team continues to work on a daily basis with the in-house staff. They document their work clearly across various project management tools and are knowledgeable enough to recommend solutions to the client.