Modernizing Finance and Banking Through Tailored Automation and Data-Driven Technologies

Revolutionize Your Financial Services with Codeweaver’s Innovative Solutions

In the dynamic realm of finance and banking, staying ahead means embracing innovation that’s not just advanced but also reliable and secure. Codeweaver stands at the forefront of financial technology, offering solutions that transform financial services with effective automation, modernization, and rapid data exchange.

What We Do in Finance and Banking

Designing state-of-the-art image recognition systems for user authentication and creating intelligent chatbots for automated sales and support. We leverage business process automation and Business Intelligence to enable large-scale data analysis.

Specializing in comprehensive loan systems, from application processing to payment of the final installment. We incorporate KYC and AML procedures and provide decision modules for risk estimation and client scoring, adhering to PCI DSS guidelines.

Delivering solutions that maximize the potential of Open Banking under PSD2. Our expertise includes integrating existing solutions, building custom systems, and implementing AI and ML-driven automation and transaction categorization modules.

Developing systems for effective receivables management. Our solutions support various processes, including payments, call center operations, CRM, and documentation flow, while reducing operational costs.

Building robust financial analytics software to optimize workflows related to financial indicators, reporting, and fast data exchange.

Creating intuitive systems for savings and investments, enabling users to manage cash flow, savings payments, and investments through dedicated mobile and web applications.

Modernizing Legacy Systems

Receive comprehensive support in modernizing your existing financial systems. We ensure they meet current design standards, safety regulations, and are optimized to adapt to evolving business needs.

Our Advantages in Financial Services

Adherence to Financial Standards

Our solutions are developed in compliance with financial industry standards, ensuring reliability and security.

Extensive Experience and Expertise

Our team consists of specialists with deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in the finance sector.

Custom Software Design and Development

We provide bespoke software solutions, including design, development, support, and maintenance, tailored to your specific financial services needs.

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